digital marketing mistakes

4 Digital Marketing Mistakes That Can Make You Look Dumb

Irrespective of our experience level as digital marketers, we all make mistakes. It's not surprising that while running various campaigns, we tend to make certain digital marketing mistakes which may cost us dearly. Mistakes are part and parcel of our growth journey. It's not how we make mistakes but how we correct them that define us. This article will ...

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SEO Glossary

151 SEO Glossary List for 2017

There are times when we come across a particular term while reading about SEO and then end up Googling about SEO Glossary or SEO Definitions. SEO best practice keeps changing and evolving – something a comprehensive glossary should reflect. This made me write this article on SEO Glossary. SEO Glossary keeps getting updated every year. Though there are already ...

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Social Selling Tools

5 Disruptive Social Selling Tools You Can’t Miss

Social selling tools are gaining popularity among modern sales professionals. Cold calling has been dead long back. Social calling / social selling is the new norm. Sales have evolved thanks to technology innovations and social selling is one effective method to impact the end customer's path to purchase.     Especially for B2B sales experts, using social selling tools have become ...

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logo design tips

10 Logo Design Tips: How To Design the Perfect Logo

Logo Design is thinking made visual.   However, it is easier said than done.   On the face of it, logo designing process looks simpler however designing a perfect logo is very challenging task.   Logo design is not just about toying with colors, fonts, and fancy tag lines.   Logo design is an art as well as a science.   Your logo is your ...

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11 Steps to Find a Killer Brand Name for Your Startup

‘What’s in name?’, said William Shakespeare once!   I would say – ‘EVERYTHING’.   After all, it’s your name that everyone first get to know about you.   When it comes to naming your brand, it becomes much more critical - especially in today's digital era.   Just imagine what would ‘Apple’ be without its name?   The name itself reflects its core philosophy – ...

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Marketing Influencers

7 Marketing Influencers You Must Follow In 2017

Marketing Influencers are getting popular day by day. Reason is simple - Influencer marketing is the latest innovative way of connecting with your target audience. But, randomly following each influenecr will not help your brand. It's vital to understand which influencer to follow and which one(s) to avoid. Focus on some of the top or the best ones whose ...

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marketing automation tools

Top 7 Most Popular Marketing Automation Tools for Startups and SMBs

Marketing automation tools are in demand these days since they have the potential to transform your business.   I searched the term on google trends and it becomes more obvious that marketing automation is going to be ‘The Thing’ in 2017-18     Marketers at startups and mid-sized organizations need more sophisticated solutions to meet aggressive marketing objectives. The whole idea ...

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content marketing tools

10 Ultimate Content Marketing Tools for Content Creation, Promotion and Analytics

Are you using any content marketing tools?   If not, then you should start using one.   Content marketing tools are must to make your content marketing strategy work in true sense.   It doesn't matter if your content marketing has just started or it's in place for some time, you shouldn't miss on the advanced content marketing tools to take ...

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Content Marketing Strategy

How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy in 7 Steps

Want to create a content marketing strategy to supercharge your lead generation efforts?   If not, then you should seriously consider doing that.   'Why so', you may ask.   According to Content Marketing Institute, 70% of B2B marketers surveyed say they are creating more content this year than they did in 2016.   Therefore, you need a robust content marketing strategy in ...

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SEO Checklist

Your SEO Checklist – 65 Actionable SEO Tips to Rank in Google and Bing

A comprehensive SEO checklist to supercharge your SEO efforts.   Around 11 years back in 2006 or so, when I was just starting to learn more about SEO thing, I tried searching the Web for a complete SEO checklist that would help me fix all the common as well as not so common SEO mistakes.   What did I get?   I ...

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